Thursday, October 20, 2016

Blog 1: Christianity vs. Trump

The purpose of this blog is to serve as a research diary studying religious memes and politics. The topic of choice is “Donald Trump vs. Christianity.” There is a great divide in the 2016 election, and especially as the recent weeks have unfolded with Trump’s tapes with Billy Bush being leaked, there are an increasing number of Christians who do not agree with Trump. Some are even claiming that he is not Christian as he has claimed. While some Christians still support Donald Trump (such as Jerry Falwell Jr. of Liberty University) many are now issuing a call to leave Trump (Dr. Russell Moore, for example) and rally against his version of Christianity. As such, the blog will focus around memes that address Christian views on the things Trump has said and done in relation to his claims about being a Christian. In other words, this blog will discuss memes that either attack or reaffirm (though the latter seem much less common) Trump’s claims to being a Christian because of his actions and from that, supporting Donald Trump being anti-Christian. This will look at memes that see Donald Trump and Christianity/Christian values being incompatible. 

Below are two examples of the types of memes that will be discussed on this blog:


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